How to make an exact profile on the sites

How to make an exact profile on the sites

Creating a profile is easy in site datting, make it even more engaging! Here are some tips and practical examples to take the perfect photo and write the bio with the best possible description or a funny phrase.

A amount of singles are utilizing hookup app. What is the essential element of a perfect profile? The photo of course! Without going over it too much, it’s obvious that the image you present yourself needs to be carefully chosen, well done, and maybe even intriguing. You just need to put in place a few simple tips to leave your future suitors speechless.

This does not in any way mean that “the less you are dressed, the more you attract potential partners”, far from it, however, it is undeniable that there are photographs that work better than others. The best plans for are 3: close-up, half-length, and full-length. With this climax of three photos, you are sure that your profile will immediately stand out from the crowd, as you will meet the calling standards demanded by and show you a full picture of yourself with just a few clicks.

Dare a little but … with creativity! Of course, the photos with behind the wall at home or those sitting on the couch certainly have the advantage of being easier to take … but you’re on

to have fun and start some light new friendships, what’s wrong with playing a little bit? After all, you will also have hobbies, passions, animals. An original photo can arouse the curiosity of the spectator and therefore also a new match!

Why some photos don’t work on

A guy might be the most “beefy” in the whole app, but if his photos in are selfies taken in the mirror or, worse yet, photos of him lying in bed with a flash on his abdomen … we will doubt much of its reliability. And beautiful photographs do just that: they exude reliability.

Now, it’s not that on you expect to find the love of life, but while clearly expressing your erotic intentions, it’s not for the “ladies.” We all know what the ultimate goal of is but we always like to surround ourselves with an aura of beauty and vanity: if our profile is not beautiful, why should we waste time finding out if we are beautiful live ?!

Biography, the real ally

The Biography: The nightmare of those with little imagination and the black hole of everyone who thinks “I write some bullshit, so what matters are the pictures.” Wrong, indeed, very badly. Don’t “take it out”, but any girl turned down “the beef stew” with professional photos because their bio seemed written by “drunk monkeys”.

And no, we’re not referring to all those examples of somewhat agrammatic, emoji-crazed descriptions, but to those who seem unable to say anything more about themselves than their physical condition. Who cares about your height, what bust cut you wear or if you were blonde until you were 17? No one wants to know how much tanned your skin is in the summer and most of all no one wants to read phrases like “no relationships” – “just fun” – “just a night shot”.

Good game. Have you posted your sexual intentions on and what have you gained? Not our game, definitely. It’s as easy as, it lets you find what you’re looking for even without you having to report it, it lets you reach other people’s talami without the anxiety of having to go to dinner early. Well, come on, saying “I don’t want relationships” in the bio … that’s more than trivial. Do you really prefer revealing your ultimate goals instead of enjoying every little good thing that comes with your super funny bio?