5 symptoms of the end of love

5 symptoms of the end of love

He sniffs continuously

Yet another Saturday cinema? The usual Sunday night pizza? Still your friends at home and a dinner to prepare even if you don’t want to do anything other than put on your pajamas and enjoy a night on the couch? If you keep sniffing impatiently at your partner’s proposals and nothing ever seems to be right, it may not be his ideas, but he himself is no longer in tune with personal expectations. .

If you don’t wait for her for dinner because you have different hours

After register site At first he was patient until ten in the evening so that he could have dinner together. Maybe they were munching on fries and breadsticks while the oven made dinner while waiting for his return. Now, however, you don’t even text to find out when to return and end up having dinner alone in front of the TV, hoping that you can’t finish your favorite TV series episode until it returns. Here is a sign that the couple is in crisis.

Green light for Facebook even at dinner

The secret of gay chat rooms? With the television on, mobile phone in hand to instantly answer your friends and no conversation with your partner sitting opposite. Nothing particularly interesting has happened today. The lack of communication and dialogue is another sign that the couple has now… broken up!

Sharing the bed with the children

He snores and you can’t sleep like before, or you always get up at night to go to the bathroom and you don’t want to disturb the other with the risk of interrupting sleep, or the son suffers from nightmares or has the flu and you prefer to have it nearby to follow its evolution. All the excuses for sleeping in two separate bedrooms and giving up your privacy.

Why do I always have to be a bad cop?

The education of children has always been the subject of discussions and also of couple separations. If you feel like you’re struggling with the windmills and always and the only one devoted to growing children while your partner plays more at being a friend than a parent, well maybe it will be true, but it is definitely not a positive sign and maybe the outlook on life has become so different that the relationship cannot be recovered.