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Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music
By Ferruccio Busoni
Little known in the English-speaking world, Ferruccio Busoni’s Sketch
of a New Aesthetic of Music
(originally published in 1907) is a
daringly progressive statement about the necessary freedom and future
of music, its broad and prescient outlook all the more fascinating
for its having arrived so early. Busoni was a composer, composition
teacher and virtuoso concert pianist of early twentieth-century Europe,
born Italian but working in Germany, and a highly respected figure
in his time. Sketch was written immediately prior to his mentoring of
avant-garde composers such as Arnold Schoenberg and Edgard Varèse,
whose ground-breaking work came to define twentieth-century classical
music. Yet Busoni’s writing is steeped in ornate, deeply poetic language,
in nineteenth-century philosophy and Romanticism. As a bygone era
metamorphoses into the new one that will stretch all the way to John
Cage, he even brandishes news of the first keyboard-based electric
sound synthesiser with enthralled delight.

This edition features a new translation into English by Pamela Johnston,
a foreword by Adam Harper, and includes the rare and remarkable
Epilogue, an abstract imagining of a ‘Realm of Music’. It has been prepared
in the hope that Busoni’s passion for the eternally new freedoms of musical
creativity might not only refresh the way we encounter twentieth century
music, but might inspire twenty-first century musicians and listeners to
rediscover the deepest questions in musical philosophy and resume the
constant struggle for the music of the future.

eISBN: 978-0-9569524-5-5
Published 21 June 2013
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