How to know a woman’s heart

How to know a woman's heart

In the lidid and said, we cancel vacations, promises, plans. But someone, a man, one of many (you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, a memorable Anne Hathaway confessed) or one of the few, stay there. There is a passion kept in a secret room, in a corner of memory in everyone’s life, even if we don’t want to admit it. No matter how long it’s been, intensity matters.

The first

It is not the first one with whom you made love. But it was the first one that made you discover the beauty of being a woman. Belong to someone and have power over them. Sleep embraced. There is always something mysterious about exploring another body as if it were an unknown continent. A shocking sensation that you can still hear the echo of. You’ve repeated the same gestures other times, perhaps in a more skillful way, but this intimate, almost electric contact, this harmony that erased space and time, is difficult to repeat. It’s over because now was not the time, you had big dreams to pursue, you couldn’t stop. And a little nostalgia remains hidden. You can join

The story of one night

A casual meeting, at a party, at a beach party in summer. At a friend’s dinner where you didn’t even want to go. One glance was enough. You barely spoke to each other: it was a pure attraction. Hunger. Those hands, that mouth, her scent. No questions about husbands / wives, partners. He said what you wanted to hear, did what you wanted him to do. He read your thoughts, brought out your secret desires. You followed him. You would have followed him anywhere. In the end, you were just bodies looking for each other, repeating a dance as old as the world. Then the day came, you came back to yourself and your life as always. But that night, it’s a photo etched in my memory.

The impossible lover

He opened the doors of desire to you. It made you discover who you are, what you like, what you want from a man. You were lost. He moved the border and you couldn’t say no to him, you surrendered to him without understanding why, yet you felt a subtle danger, a risk, if not for your safety, for your reason. The sex was awesome. It gave you the courage to experience the erotic games that you only see in the movies. It made you feel unique, special, beautiful. He didn’t promise you anything, you never thought it could last, but every once in a while in your orderly and rational life you miss his roses, his seductive voice, his passionate gaze, that feeling of happy abandonment. .

The secret relationship

You worked together, without going beyond professional relationships. But he loved you and you loved him, you thought about it, you dreamed about it. You wanted to avoid complications at work (he would be leaving soon, you were closing another story) but it happened. The thrill of secrecy. The fear of being discovered while making love in the always empty meeting room, the excitement of a stolen kiss, of a hug, the gaze avoided on purpose so as not to betray each other, the promise not to see each other again so as not to fall in love. The last time you had the unsaid in your eyes, and there was everything in that look. A world of possibilities and farewell.

The young boy

Maybe you just wanted to be wanted. This boy was smart, mature and he cared about you. You said no, at first it didn’t seem appropriate to you, and then yes. Twenty years younger may be many or few. You were a little ashamed but you didn’t think too much. You can register in You loved his fe of every woman there are men and burning passions that remain unforgettable. We go back to our hidden thoughts, we look for them in books. Here is a list. Desire is a firefly in the dark. We follow it by instinct, that’s how it works. Then the loves will come, we forget the charm and the pain of the end. Memories come off like dry leaves in fall and at some point we couldn’t say what we powerful energy, his desire to discover things with you that you already knew and they suddenly became new. You admired the smooth chest, the perfect proportions of full youth, covered her with kisses and left exhausted. It was a lovely way to still feel the fire inside. And that’s what you don’t forget.

All of these stories are ours, they belong to us. We believe that novels are made up. But in every life there is one.