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Precinct – 3

A Glossary With Some Pieces of Verse*
Jacob Poole & William Barnes (eds.)
A facsimile of the original edition from 1867, an
account of Yola, an extinct Germanic language once
spoken in remote regions of county Wexford, Ireland,
between the 14th and 19th centuries and believed to
have been introduced by English settlers. The book
consists of a contextual history by William Barnes,
followed by Jacob Poole's Yola/English dictionary, and
a selection of traditional Yola songs, also translated
for comparison. The version of the book used as the
basis for this reprint is public domain. The pages were
sourced from Google Books, which holds a complete
digitised version of the book. This facsimile is distributed
in the same spirit, priced at the same amount as the
cost of production.

174.5 x 108mm
144pp, b&w, perfect bound
First published May 2009
+ postage

* or:
Glossary of The Dialect of Forth & Bargy
Poole’s Glossary
Yola Zongs
Songs, Metrical Pieces etc.