Be single again at 40

Be single again at 40

In the wake of the pain of a breakup, we can often be led to believe that not having the other, until a moment is the object of our care and attention, our love is gone. . This gives rise to a charge of suffering capable of building a dangerous barrier, because inside, deep within ourselves, we begin to exclude ourselves from the game.

The absence of a romantic relationship prolongs the isolation, but in reality it is we who press the stop button and cut off the flow of current that makes us feel alive, in love, immersed in a fluid of overflowing energy. But you visit and register in rencontrepapygay.

Passion is not just the chemistry that unites two bodies. Far from it, it mainly concerns you, the way you live and deal with things. What makes you happy and makes you feel very happy?

Vocabulary is important: it starts here. According to experts, verbs such as “to have, to achieve, to obtain” (a relationship, a joy, a success, etc.) amplify the idea that these had to be conquered, which can be obtained with a certain action . On the contrary, it is about living these conditions and we can do it anytime for the simple fact that we are alive, even if we never think about the richness of this being in the world.

Terms like “being, living” configure a very different map, in which these states are simply situations that we find ourselves in and experience, each in a different way, in joy or in pain. You have neither joy nor pain, you live them; you don’t have love but you are living it and the point is just this: how much love do you put in your life, in the things you do, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed every evening?

Alone and without children

Today, depression is an increasingly serious and frequent problem worldwide. It affects populations in all countries, often resulting in constant anxiety and disorders such as panic attacks. It also affects the youngest, so much so that in the 15-29 age group, according to the latest estimates from the World Health Organization, suicide is the second leading cause of death.

“Personally, I believe most depressions have their roots in loneliness, but the medical community prefers to talk about depression rather than loneliness. It is easier to get rid of the problem by giving a diagnosis and a box of drugs. Because if we started talking about loneliness, we would know for sure that there are no drugs. There is no resisting medical industry, human love is enough, ”said famous doctor and activist Patch Adams, who for years has been spreading his philosophy with Smile Therapy.

When everyone closes the door to their house, they find themselves plunged into their loneliness and in truth little is known about how to handle it. How often do we give ourselves limits just because we have to do something on our own? In the restaurant alone, no, what sadness; no cinema, shopping or theater unless there is someone who agrees to accompany us. Why?

Try. Do something you wouldn’t do, experiment and then dare a few more steps. First in the cinema alone (you have to watch a movie in the dark, who do you care about if there is someone next to you or not?), Then a one-on-one dinner with you, maybe in an intimate place where you are comfortable. An afternoon dedicated to this new exhibition which inspires you so much, then the train journey to stroll, at your own pace, to discover a neighboring town, a trip alone: ​​you may discover that being with you is extraordinarily simple.

You know what you like, you know the situations that make you comfortable and the things that arouse your curiosity… and then just start doing it, enjoy what you love. First of all, put love towards yourself, towards what surrounds you and goal is facilitating online gay dating.

When we surrender to this flow, we realize that anything can happen and often a smile is enough to ignite a look at the stranger walking alongside us in the street. Because we are alone, yes it is true, and at the same time there is a whole world around us.